A number of privately chartered services are operated, and one tour operator even commissioned the construction of their own train, jointly owned by themselves and Russian railways. The train, officially named Golden Eagle Trans-Siberian Express was launched on 26 April 2007 by Prince Michael of Kent. Current rates (March 2013) for the complete itinerary from Moscow to Vladivostok:

Couchette €295
Sleeping Car €501

A 2-persons-sleeping compartment is only available on train 001 / 002 ‘Rossiya’

2 Person Sleeping Compartment €955

There is a Rail Pass for all Russian trains introduced 2012 as well, valid 30 days 1st and 2nd class.

Travel to Peking / China from Moscow: taking the trains to Zabaikalsk or Blagoveshchensk, passing the border and getting a Chinese ticket at the counter in Manzhouli or Heihe respectively cost

Couchette via Zabaikalsk €286
Couchette via Blagoveshchensk €310

The direct trains 004 via Mongolia and 020 via Zabaikalsk cost from Moscow about triple and do not have couchette coaches but only sleeping cars. A new fares’ system is going to be introduced on 01.03.2013 by RZD. The changes consist of demand-related prices equal to airlines and of a reduction of the seasonal rates’ sectors to 42. The time-sectors and therefore the level of percentage differ between 1st and 2nd class and 3rd and 4th class respectively. It is now also possible to get Mongolian tickets at official prices.